Rooting and Reaching

A Little Something About Me

I am an interdisciplinary dance-artist, educator and political scientist (M.Soc.Sc.) from the Finnish Lapland. Although my roots are deep in the forests and marshlands of the Arctic Circle, I have found my home in the ever-changing city of Berlin. In my work, I combine dance-arts with environmental activism, research and political education.

Contemporary flamenco, instant composition, creative movement and somatics are guiding elements of my movement practice. Altogether, I am passionate about investigating what makes people, groups, ideas and societies move. For me, moving is a way of articulating both the inner and the outer existence in this complex and ever-unfolding ecosystem we are living in. 

At present, I am especially interested in questions around resistance and vulnerability. We are living in the midst of tremendous ecological and social crises reaching from climate change and biodiversity loss to the weathering of democracy. At the same time, we are witnessing inspiring examples of people coming together to resist injustices and to work for the preservation of our valuable biosphere. I feel my responsibility and calling is to participate in this restorative and resisting work as a dance-artist, educator and activist-researcher

Collaboration with other artists, scientists, activists and people is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me. To be honest, I feel my creativity unfolds at best when working together with other people. I am part of a participatory performance project DIE KOMPANIE  and a collective Urgent bodies: in both projects site-specific performance, artistic interventions and co-creative methods are at the core of the practice. Furthermore, I am a member of SuB Kultur e.V. Berlin that is cultivating socially engaged performing arts, and recently joined of a freshly founded collective for climate justice education Kipppunkt Kollektiv that bridges pedagogy and activism. Since 2016, I am a performer in the contemporary flamenco ensemble Compagnie el Contrabando of Anet Fröhlicher whose sharp political wit and insightfulness as a choreographer I truly respect. Opening new spaces for, and renewing flamenco as an art form has been important for me. In 2018–2019 I was  curating the Helsinki Flamenco Festival together with Marja Rautakorpi and Tove Djupsjöbacka. Moreover, I have studied dance education and choreography at the Universität der Künste Berlin and have received Master's Degree on Political Science at the Tampere University, Finland.

I believe in the transformative force of movement: Movement has the potential of changing us, the spaces and people around us. This is why choreography is an important starting point in my work. Sharing and learning together is building an important foundation to any artistic creation, community or political change. This is why education is the second pillar in my work. Recognizing what are the places of injustice and ecological destruction in our society, and investigating how to best respond to them with human effort, requires the patience to look closely. This is why activist-research is the third element that is guiding my work. By combining these three elements, I wish to strengthen the diversity, resilience and ability to act – of both individuals and communities – by initiating and supporting networks of creativity, care and courageous action in order to face the eco-social questions we need to confront. © Martin Oskar Kramer


Glimpses from Performances

With Compagnie el Contrabando, Maija Lepistö, Lakea Film Company and DIE KOMPANIE etc.

NoTears_(c) Reto Emch
NoTears_Welle_(c) Reto Emch.jpg
NoTears_Schwimmen_(c) Reto Emch.jpg
NoTears_(c) Reto Emch
Compagnie el Contrabando: Kalaschnikowa
Compagnie el Contrabando: Atacama
(c) Lakea Film Company
Compagnie el Contrabando: Kalaschnikowa
Fucsia, vino y fandango of Maija Lepistö (c) Matti Sten
Dancing in Muonio  (c) Anna Muotka.jpg
A Compàs (c) Emma-Liina Selkälä