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I believe that uniting our political visions with the collective power of our bodies and emotions is a way to bring forth eco-social justice. For me the core of activism is indeed collective engagement. In addition to participating in the German climate justice movement as an activist, I am also a founding member of Urgent Bodies and Kipppunkt Kollektiv.

Team work and together concept, Hand of


Creating change together


Urgent Bodies

Activating Corporeality for Political Resistance

Urgent Bodies is a diverse group of dancers, performance artists and activists that share a common desire to apply dance skills and embodied knowledge to support political actions and activist movements. We believe that by combining artistic practices with political inquiries through the body, we are able to find new ways to support political engagement, to respond to the socio-ecological challenges that we encounter today, and to increase the resilience of activist communities.

We examine what body-based practices are currently used in political actions. Furthermore, we investigate the political potential of a dancing body and reflect on how it could be expanded. Consequently, we inquire what other corporeal practices could be applied to political actions in the future. 


Kipppunkt Kollektiv

Education for Climate Justice

In the Kipppunkt Kollektiv we create workshops and trainings for climate justice. We believe that common learning spaces, awareness and exchange with each other are essential for achieving climate justice. Moreover, we argue that it also needs people who, through emancipatory and empowering practices, both question our current political culture and are curious and courageous in experimenting with spaces that can make a world of climate justice a reality.

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