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My Path and My Work

Contributing to a comprehensive eco-social transformation is at the heart of my work. We need to respond to the ecological crisis we are facing with tireless determination and inexhaustible creativity. This requires action and the courage to re-imagine how we can live together as people and society. I believe that the combination of choreography, education and activist-research can take us towards solutions that – at the first glance – were not maybe visible or felt. Acknowledging the interconnectedness of humans, ecosystems, cultures and the more-than-human life-forms is present in my work both as a dance-artist, teacher and activist-researcher. ©Lakea Film Company (above) Sandra Ahlqvist (below)


The way in

Linda Hogan

"Sometimes the way to milk and honey is through the body.
Sometimes the way in is a song.
But there are three ways in the world: dangerous, wounding,
and beauty.
To enter stone, be water.
To rise through hard earth, be plant
desiring sunlight, believing in water.
To enter fire, be dry.
To enter life, be food.”


Insights from the Crossroads

Since many years, I have found myself navigating between performing arts, activism and political science. In stead of choosing to follow only one of these paths, I have come to appreciate the place at the crossroads. In my work, I am bringing together the corporeal knowledge of choreography, they joy of learning through teaching, the urgency of activism, and critical perspectives on society that research in Political Science has opened up to me.

Team work and together concept, Hand of
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“Ich denke sowieso mit dem Knie.”

Joseph Beuys


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