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Education for Eco-social Transformation

Joseph Beuys once said that teaching is his greatest work of art. I can very much relate to this idea. For me teaching is always an exchange and learning experience for all people involved. Embodiment and the innate creativity of each and every person are my starting points in all the educational work I do, regardless of whether I am teaching dance technique or holding a workshop on climate justice. Practicing embodiment, imagination and arts strengthen our empathy skills and understanding of the interconnectedness of humans, cultures, ecosystems and the more-then-human world, which is paramount in advancing eco-social transformation. Raisa Foster’s method, the pedagogy of recognition, is guiding my teaching and serving as an inspiration to develop further a dialogue of teaching and learning. Just like when touching somebody, we are always also being touched. Touch happens as an encounter, as a shared moment of the approaching bodies. This is how I also perceive teaching: in addition to transmitting and facilitating a group process,  I am also actively learning from the people I am teaching. Ultimately it is co-creation. 


Current Projects

At the moment, my educational work is concentrated on teaching 1) dance  and movement and teaching 2) education for global justice . I have worked as a dance educator in asylum centers, schools and cultural institutions. Furthermore, I have worked as a trainer for global justice both in Action against Hunger Germany and Youth Academy of Finland. Currently, I am teaching  at the Refik-Veseli secondary school in Berlin, in Flamenco Werkstatt Berlin and SuB Kultur e.V. I am also working as a trainer in the freshly founded collective for climate justice education Kipppunkt Kollektiv in Berlin. Since 2017 I am part of the participatory performance project DIE KOMPANIE. Integral part of our work in DIE KOMPANIE is the creation of inclusive workshops and participatory performances. 

Education for Climate Justice


Socially engaged Dance Education

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Participatory Performance